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Sirin Ortanca

''I know, I have been there"

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Confidence is just around the corner

"I believe ALL people CAN feel confident.

I have been there! I have suffered from low self-esteem, low self-confidence, had an eating disorder in my teenage years, and for years felt trapped in my mind.  I was a Master Trainer for a huge fitness brand,  and reached the top in my profession, but I just never felt good enough. I wasn't able to embrace who and what I was & I didn't give myself the permission to express my true-self, and just fully just BE ME.

Self-love doesn't come easily but it comes!

It took me years to come to where I am now. At the age of 32 I can truly say that I have finally learnt to connect to who I am and feel wonderful being me. I have spent the last 4 years dedicating time to self growth, listening to top-coaches around the world, and spent thousands on having coaching myself.  With over 13 years as a training and specialist and an expert in the health and fitness industry,  I have trained over 4000 instructors world-wide, I’ve learnt the habits needed to not only lead a healthy life-style in a realistic way but also the skills needed to feel fully confident with who we are physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.


The path to living the healthiest and happiest life begins with exploring what you believe about yourself, food, and fitness, then learning how you can create a helpful mindset, healthy habits and how to fully embrace who you are.

If you want to begin to really feel good about yourself, right now, either emotionally or physically you need to take a good, honest look at where you are now and make the decision that you want the support and inspiration to change your mindset so that you can FINALLY begin your journey to fulfilment, health and happiness".


I have created World Of Wonderful to show you how to live the most wonderful life you could possibly imagine; my focus being on food, fitness and fulfilment.


 I want to show you how to live a life that inspires & motivates you, how to overcome your self-doubt and become the most confident you, and create a realistic, balanced lifestyle that you enjoy and that fully serves you.

With the options of one to one sessions, group coaching and online programmes I am here to help you take the final step to a fulfilling and happy life.



Create a life that is fulfilling.Build your self-esteem & confidence. Free your mind from guilt and anxiety. Live your best life now.


Build a life that inspires & motivates you, learn to love your body, create a healthy, balanced mindset around food and fitness and make yourself s priority today.