This 1 day VIP programme will give you the quick boost to start making some powerful changes in your personal and professional life.


 Gain the tools and skills you need to break through of your old patterns and limiting beliefs so that you can increase your confidence, self-esteem and finally achieve all it is you want.

Who is it for?

You are short on time, and want some RESULTS really fast.


You want to gain clarity on what it is you exactly want. You want to whole heartedly believe you can have what you desire. You want to shake off that self-doubt and negative mind chatter so you can move forward to success and fulfilment.


You want to walk in a room with all the confidence in the world. You want to be happy with who you are and not feel you need to be anything else but you. 

All in all you want to start living the life you desire now.

What to


What is included?

  • 5 hours of coaching (this can also be done over 1 week).

  • Flexibility around your schedule.

  • Option to also choose extra personal training, cooking, make-over, closet organisation or kitchen re-arrangement sessions.

  • Bonus 30 minute coaching session post programme.​

  • Further activities and exercises to keep the changes you have made.

  • Additional interim access via unlimited email and Whatsapp support. Not every coach does this but I know what it’s like to need help to stay on track so you can achieve the results you want.

This 1 day VIP programme gives you the tools you need to get clear on what it is you really want, breakthrough your old limiting beliefs and create new ones so that you can truly achieve what it is you desire.

The 1 day VIP programme looks at your desired goals and takes you on an inspirational journey to where you want to be. I teach you the tools you need to coach yourself so that you can be your most confident self and achieve what it is you want .

Whether you are based in Dubai, London, or Los Angeles, this 1 day VIP Programme can be designed around your goals, your schedule and time-zone.

The 1 day VIP programme will unlock the confidence, self-esteem, motivation and self-belief within you, so that you can begin living the life you dream. 

Do you want to:

  • Get clear on what it is you want and how you want to feel?

  • Discover your strengths, passions, dreams and purpose so you can start living the life you want?

  • Overcome any limiting beliefs, obstacles or fears so you can get ‘unstuck’ and move forward in your life?

  • Gain your confidence and self-esteem?

  • Have control over your emotions?

  • Feel empowered to take control of your life?

  • Acknowledge and celebrate all of your achievements?

∗ Whole heartedly love and believe in yourself?