Create the change.

Transform your mind.

Live the life you love. 

With Confidence & Success Coach

Sirin Ortanca



 Confidence & Self-esteem

Direction & Purpose

Lifestyle, Health & Wellness

Anxiety & Stress

Healing Body Struggles

Starting your own business 

How can coaching help you?

Do you want to gain a clear sense of direction or purpose?

Are you craving a more fulfilling & happy life that motivates and inspires you?

Do you want more confidence, and to feel really good about yourself?


Do you want to learn how to manage your stress, anxiety and time more effectively?

Do you want to create a work, life balance and make yourself a priority?

Do you want to create a balanced & healthy mindset around food & fitness?

Do you want to start your own business and live your dream?

"It's time to create your best life now".

International life coach Sirin gives you the tools and skills you need to create the change you have been looking for and live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Having worked in the education and health industry for 14 years and as a master coach for one of the biggest fitness brands in the world, Sirin knows the secrets to lasting change and success, happiness and fulfilment.


Sirin shows you how to get unstuck and inspired, let go of limiting beliefs, increase your confidence and self-esteem, and create the strategies you need to make the change you want.


Sirin is committed to your success and happiness. Through your tailor-made coaching programme, Sirin will help you gain clarity on what you want – and how to achieve it.  Sirin will work with you to overcome any obstacles, challenges or fears standing between you and your goal.


With renewed levels of motivation and determination, you will feel confident and inspired to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Although based in London, Sirin offers coaching internationally, and can connect with you where ever you are, to  help you start creating the life that you deserve now. 


  •  Eliminate fears and limiting beliefs & get rid of your emotional baggage

  • Overcome obstacles so you can get ‘unstuck’ and move forward in your life

  • Get clarity on what you really want from your life

  • Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Enhance your performance to unlock your full potential

  • Create positive new habits that become a way of living

  •  Develop your career or make a successful career change

  •  Regain control of your life and feel empowermed

  •  Develop and enhance your relationships – personal or professional

  •  Discover your strengths, passions, dreams and purpose so you can start living the life you want

  • Most importantly, love and believe in yourself 


Head Teacher,


Sirin is able to help you identify your problems and give you solutions to hurdles you may face. Her reassurance, positivity and guidance as both a confidence coach and lifestyle coach gives you a platform to increase confidence and to think about what is best for you. I left my sessions feeling certain and in control of my future which has helped me get to where I am today.  I was able to have the mindset that I could achieve anything! I now feel that every goal is achievable and I can reach for the stars!

Soheil, Gym Owner,


Sirin is one of the best confidence coaches in the world. She showed me how to, believe in myself, increase confidence and go for what I want in life. She helped me move into a life that fulfilled me and made me happy. Her confidence coaching gives you the tools you need to feel confident now. She is talented, energetic and professional. I highly recommend you to get in contact with her and let her help you change your life, because she really will!

Atefeh, Sales Director,


Sirin has helped me make changes that I have never been able to do on my own. She is a very passionate, positive and motivating coach. She uses her knowledge as a confidence coach & life coach and her experience to help you move forward and make the changes you need to make. I am so thankful I have her in my life!